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Discussion in '-main-' started by heutre, Oct 8, 2018.

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    I'm sure this question has been asked countless times before, but I didn't find an up to date answer on my research. Has Mana talked in direct terms as to what gender they identify as ? Also do we have any sort of history about what people they have been involved with romantically ? I'm aware it's pretty intrusive but I spent most of my years as a fan completely dehumanising them and dissociating them from any sort of.. human feeling so now that I've grown older I'm kinda curious about if they made any official statement. I don't think I know of any other artist of the same era that seems to have lived such a genderless life, if that makes sense.

    I don't think I can view them as just a homosexual male, and that's with the hypothesis that Mana is actually attracted to men.

    I don't want this to be a disrespectful topic, I'm just genuinely curious about what we know about this part of Mana's life.

    Just read this.. But I'm not too sure it's a reliable source.
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    Last I remember Mana said he is just Mana.

    But with anything he says and does you need to decide whether it is the person or the 'Mana' facade that he has constructed.
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    sanctum wrote:
    Thanks for the answer !

    I kind of have my theory but it might be straight up projection so I'm really curious about what Mana has said about the topic so far !
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    heutre wrote:
    Personally it never even crossed my mind that he might be homosexual. I just always assumed that he was straight, as if this was the default setting people come with.

    There was an interview years back, in which said he got upset at people automatically assuming that men who crossdress are homosexual. So that might have been where I've got the impression from. But as far as I am aware he could be anything/like anyone.
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    Mana is Mana. Mana has said all the "roles" Mana has performed as are Mana. It's all Mana. Male and female.

    (I know all this because I was the one who asked about it in that WunderWelt q and a. Color me shocked when Mana started writing about it on Twitter. It came out of what I read David Bowie said, which is why I asked in the first place. David Bowie said he has to assume a role, otherwise he could never get on stage. It was a really good discussion on Twitter and it seemed Mana was very happy about it and how people reacted there.)

    As for relationships and all the rest, pretty much everything online that people claim is made up. Mana has never said anything except saying Mana had a girlfriend in the past. I personally feel that's Mana's business and not everyone else's if Mana doesn't want to talk about it. Given that there are fans that do crazy things, sometimes it's out of protection of who they are with.

    Although I do understand why people would be curious about it.

    The interview about people assuming about VK guys who wear feminine clothing, it was an interview in Europe and it sounded like Mana had said it even before that.

    Oh! I can write about one relationship. Mana loves the fans. It is something that brings bliss, happiness, to meet them.
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    Over time I honestly just assumed Mana was ace/aro (since in past interviews he said he felt like he was incapable of feeling love, like a "doll"), but there's very little - if anything - we know about the man behind Mana. I'm just going to agree that Mana is Mana; a stage persona with an air of both masculine and feminine beauty and mystery that cannot be pigeon-holed. Gender is merely a man-made spectrum anyway...
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    Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:57 am

    Thanks for your reponses everyone ! I like how we all have our own conception of who Mana is.
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    I’ve always been curious on how different “drag” culture is in japan. We always refer them as males and also the only one who ever made an official Statement about sexual orientation was Kaya saying he was bisexual. I’ve always thought about Mana as Straight when it comes to sexual orientation and also there was rumors back in time saying he dated Lucifer Luscious Violenoue and as it was just a fan made up thing could you think of a better couple! Lol
    After all i think gender and sexual orientations are not a thing to Mana, he is just doing his thing stealing our money and sleeping in a coffin
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    LLV - haven't heard about her in awhile!!
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    lilcyclopchild wrote:
    That's a really interesting point I never thought about ! :)
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