headshavers and (fe)male grooming


Dec 15, 2004
what are your favorite male grooming products? Do you just let your hair grow out with no maintenance? or do you meticulously shape your facial hair to match your wildest fantasies?

I really like headblade products. They have a face/head preshave scrub which I enjoy using as a shampoo for the times I do let my hair grow out.

What kind of razors do you use? I like 4 blade razors with some mentholated shave cream. The scent makes me crazy and I can't believe how amped I get whenever I think about shaving with it.

How do you shave your legs? Mine are really hairy and it's time to shave them. Usually I shave down to the knee so that area isn't an issue. I'm thinking waxing might be an option since my leg hair is a little too long to be using a razor on.

what about your pits? I heard that it's better to have a little bit of pit hair because if you apply deodorant directly to your pit skin you increase your odds of breast cancer. On the bright side, most of my wardrobe is pink ATM so at least I promote breast cancer awareness on the daily. I still shave the pits though. At least once every 2 months. As a man it's a little more socially accepted to have pit hair. Ladies, how often do you shave your pits, and what products do you use? (Please, no graphic details. Keep it PG, please)

I won't even ask about your more sensitive areas but I would appreciate any tips or insights on shaving the groin area. I usually just use a regular 4 blade razor and some shave cream on the daily, but I know people who swear by products like NAIR but I'm too afraid to expose my groin to harsh chemicals.