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    Kamijo finally released his first mini album. He improve a lot since his first single and the instruments are all real this time, even the strings.

    I like his voice a lot this time because is similar to his vocal range from Lyrical Sympathy (the deepest voice) compared to his poor voice from the final songs from Versailles.

    Just listen to this song, for me the best -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiwwQJ_ID5U (yeah, sad for the artist that his music is upload so close since the release).
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    I checked out some of the songs on Youtube, and I think Kamijo solo is just officially "not for me", I dunno. "Royal Tercet" was probably the most interesting.

    Not really on-topic, but I also picked up Emiru's solo album and wasn't too impressed with it either. Turns out it was one of those high-fantasy kind of concept albums, and not really Egyptian-themed in any meaningful way ::kisaki:: Even as far as the genre goes, I prefer Lareine's own "fierte...", or Novela's "HARMAGEDON STORY" even.
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    Blue Moon wrote:
    Kamijo AND Yoshiki this year! Better call the riot squad, guys!
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    I hope it's okey to post this here... I know some wanted to hear about Schwarz Stein, but I'm gonna post this in a facebook group so I just copied and put the same here, so read everything or skip till Schwarz Stein ::hora::

    There was a DJ there who played various songs while we waited for the event to start, then a sort of marchsong began playing and Kamijo's band came on stage, in Halloween costumes of course^^ (the drummer was a police XD) and Kamijo last, in a black suit (with dark red details, as the upper part of the pockets and the "collar"), white shirt and zombie make up!
    I was afraid he'd only play new songs, and I haven't listened to Heart yet, but I got to hear Symphony of the Vampire, and some other old songs, like Louis! He was as charming as you can expect from him. Talking gently, or making everyone scream "Bonjour" XD. Before playing Gensou, he mentioned that he wrote it with his heart. Then he left the stage for MU, the groupe he has signed to his label. They sat on the "balcony" of the stage and played 2 songs acoustic (the first had a flute, which made me feel like Kamijo probably wanted the whole scenery to seem a bit nocturnal, with them playing on the balcony instead of the stage).
    Then Kamijo marched in again to the same song as before making everyone put their hands in the air. In that suit, Kamijo really felt like some sort of cabaré host or something XD He was very charming. I don't really remember order of songs, he played a few newer ones, like Lion, it was kind of fun, he tried making everyone sing a long at one part but he didn't really get everyone to say it (it was in english so I can honestly say I didn't hear what he was saying...), but he laughed it off and just started the song.
    The second time he went off, the DJ came back and I realised what was up next, Schwarz Stein! She put Testament on and Kaya and Hora entered stage. They both had their new outfits for the new single, Sleeping Madness, and Hora decided to join the Halloween theme, making stitches from his mouth. They played Release Me first, it didn't sound like when I heard it in 2012, I think they made some small changes, at least Kaya sang it a bit differently, not much, but a tiny bit. Then Kaya said Happy Halloween and talked a bit, then he announced Transient, but Release Me got back on, so he stoped, saying it was the wrong song, laughed and then Transient played, but that stoped as well and Kaya laughed saying Happy Halloween again. THEN, they acctually did Transient. After that I saw Hora removing his portable keyboard (the one he wears as a guitar) so I assumed they'd do like Creeper or Syphilis and Disorder, that he'd grab a mic, but no, he went off stage! Just like that, I was a bit disapointed =(
    Kaya stayed on, saying he had a secret to tell, he was gonna let the secret guest in, and in comes no less than Juka!...I mean Shaura. Also in a bit spooky make up. He played a song (don't know which, I'm not a fan of his solo) and then he went off and in came Kamijo again wit his marching beat. I was very suprised Juka didn't get more respons from the audience...I mean he disappeared from the music scene...
    Then only 1 guested was left, Hizaki. Kamijo played some songs on his own first (Moulin Rouge among others), then Hizaki came along and played with him. He was really energetic, I haven't seen him live before, but I didn't expect that XD It looked like they really had fun on stage togheter. Kamijo told us that the first time his support guitarist saw Hizaki, he said he was cute, which Hizaki thought was sweet I guess because he went over to him and gave him a tiny sidehug. After just a short while everyone went off and MU played one more song, which of course led to Schwarz Stein entering stage again <3 This time Kaya announced that they'd play their new single Sleeping Madness. I listened to the preview just before I left home this morning and I felt like finally, they're back to their more aggressive sound! I also love when Hora sings, so I was really happy to hear that he's doing the chorus. BUT, the song was so awesome live. It might have been my inner fangirl just being very happy to see them again, or it really was great :P It felt like one of those songs which just is great live, the sound was perfect.
    Kaya stayed on stage, with the singer from MU, making everyone shout stuff, they went from sounds to Halloween, Bonjour and finally Kamijo :P So Kamijo came out on stage again, and they all sang Bastille togheter. EDIT
    Kaya and the singer from MU left, and this time Kamijo made us all scream Hizaki out, telling us to yell "hime". Then one of the highlights (at least for me) came. Kamijo held a mask, put it on and then he asked if we remembered when he wore this the last time, and at that point I got really excited. So, with Kamijo's support band and Hizaki on stage, they played Versailles song Masquerade! The best part was that I was listening to that song on my way to Shinjuku thinking how it's one of Versailles best songs, and I wish I would've been able to seen it live, and then I got to! I'm really happy they played this, not only because the song's great, but since this Halloween event was a "masquerade party", after the guitarsolo in the song, ALL guests came out holding a mask infront of their face, doing a little spin (may I add the best part of it was Hora, he was so obviously uncomfortable, he kept having one hand in his waist or as if he were pulling down his corset, but I feel with him, I'm just the same XD). Since everyone was on stage, they ended with Kamijo's song Death Parade. I haven't listened to his new album, but I searched for the song just now on youtube and it was by far better live. It was really fun seeing everyone togheter on stage (again, especially Hora, looking like he wanted to run backstage, while the others danced around). Unfortunetly that was it. I could've stayed all night. Kamijo really made an impression on me, I'd love to see him live again.
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    Madmoiselle_Silk wrote:
    I think it's BECAUSE he disappeared from the music scene XD How many people still know him?

    Thanks for all the reports you're giving us though :D It's been a while since we've had anyone on the inside.
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    But there were old fans there aswell! I just assumed since everyone went crazy over Hizaki there should be a couple of Hizaki Grace Project, Moi Dix Mois, or Juka solo fans there XD I also think many had a bit of trouble to see who it was at first to be honest, I did too, I wasn't sure it was Juka until he opened his mouth. He looked different, a sort of light brown haircolor and with the make up on, yeah it was a bit hard (I heard one girl to my right asking her friend who it was, so I wasn't the only one XD)

    Edit: I bought chekis, you can see Hora's maky up change here:
    ...and since it's the Kamijo thread I might aswell post Kamijo chekis too. He's in the MU drummers costume though :P
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    Thank you so much for the report and the chekis :)
    Kaya's little black blob-ness in the last one is amusing.

    Hora also posted a picture of himself with his Halloween makeup (!!!) on his blog and repented for not doing more.
    Hora posting pics of himself = World's ending or something?
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    Thanks Madmoiselle!!! love when someone post report from lives <3
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    You're welcome. It's fun to acctually be able to see them and not just read livereports for a change XD
    I really hope I can see Kamijo again before I leave, he was a lot better live than I expected.

    I saw Jupiter last night but I don't have that much to say about that... Next up is Velvet Eden on friday!
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    Thanks for the report! I love seeing other people's impressions of concerts.

    Juka used to be liked by this crowd, but they mostly drifted away after he left Sherow. I think a lot of them (also me) were alienated by VII Sense and their fans, so in a way it feels like he has been away longer than he really has. I was really happy to see Juka again, and in a nice calm environment too. The song he did was Aravesque, and I think his costume was Luxurious with a black t-shirt underneath so his tummy was covered. His voice was wonderful as always. I wish we could hear him more.

    I think it was Ikuo who had made the comment about Hizaki being cute and got hugged? For me the funniest part was that he said, "My heart just skipped a beat," and then Kamijo said, "YOU KNOW, right?" :lol:

    I expected Kamijo to be good and he was, no surprises. I'm going to the Sapporo and Nagoya concerts too. Hope he does another tour sometime. I moved back to the US and am in Japan as a tourist now.
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    Kamijo has a ton of international dates this year for his 20th anniversary tour. The tour will include songs from his whole career, including Lareine, New Sodmy, and Versailles. Masashi will be playing support for most of these.

    February 28: Moscow @ Red Club
    March 1: Helsinki @ Gloria
    March 3: London @ Garage
    March 5: Cologne @ Werkstatt
    March 7: Marseille @ Le Poste à Galene
    March 8: Paris @ le Divan du Monde

    South America:
    May 23: Sao Paulo, Brasil @ Clash Club
    May 24: Santiago, Chile @ Blondie Club
    May 26: Bueno Aires, Argentina @ Groove
    May 29: Bogota, Colombia @ Ozzy
    May 31: Mexico City, Mexico @ Sala

    North America:
    June 4 Los Angeles tickets: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1238713
    June 6 New York City tickets: http://highlineballroom.com/show/2015/0 ... tour-2015/

    July 24: Sendai Macana
    July 26: Sapporo Cube Garden
    August 1: Yokohama New Side Beach
    August 9: Saitama Shintoshin Heaven’s Rock
    August 16: Fukuoka Drum Son
    August 23: Tokyo Kinema Club
    August 28: Nagoya ell. Fits All
    August 30: Osaka Muse
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    Hmmmm. Depending on what the setlist ends up looking like, maybe I'll try to go to the New York one. I'd really only be there for the Lareine material, but let's be real, that's the only way I'll ever get to see any of it performed live XD
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    Yeah, there probably won’t be another chance like this again. He has performed Metamorphose, fiancailles, Lillie Charlotte, and Fuyu Tokyo here and there in the past few years, so I think those are the most likely candidates.

    I’m going to the London through Paris shows, so I’ll report back on the set lists in a few weeks. And New York City too, of course.
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    I'd go, but I'll be at the Annual Virginia Woolf Conference and it's out of state! ::batsu::
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    inertia wrote:
    I was kind of hoping for "emeraude", of all things XD Or some of the indies material. But yes, we shall see indeed...
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    I'm mostly curious what he'll do from New Sodmy...
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    I'm still waiting for tickets here in Colombia, I'm desperate.
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    Looks like the lineup for most of the dates is:

    -Support Member-
    Guitar : Meku
    Guitar : DAISHI
    Bass : MASASHI
    Drums : Shin Watanabe

    Besides Masashi, are any of the other people "someone"?
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    Kamijo was on Twitter today asking fans about their 3 favorite songs, to give him ideas for the Japanese set lists. I guess the international shows are already decided.

    I hope he really does do a/some New Sodmy songs! The promo blurb says he will but it seems like so few fans know those songs that I don’t feel comfortable getting my hopes too high. If he does, my guess would be “Actor,” because it was always the last song at their onemans and seemed to be a signature, and/or “Romantic Season” which Lareine re-recorded.

    Daishi is in Mu, the new SAS band. I’m not sure about the other 2. Meku has been playing around with Kamijo since his first solo concerts, though.