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    Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:01 am

    flowersofnight wrote:
    Roger that, boss! I'll keep an eye on any relevant content he posts/livestreams and borrow it, for science ::mana::

    Watching the whole thing again so I can record it, trying to understand more of it but failing.

    Started recording only after Kaya showed up because the conversation before him seemed very irrelevant.

    Kaya's guest is a kabuki actor who likes VK. They talk about Hiroshima for a bit, which leads to Gackt talking about being there with Malice, actually he talks about Malice quite a lot during this whole thing. And about Yoshiki. And something about MM members lying about their heights towards the end (maybe?) and was that him inviting Kaya to come to a barbecue in a bikini or did I misunderstand? And kabuki actor guy saw Malice live with Tetsu?

    Kaya had terrible wi-fi through the first half of it, poor thing, he kept getting logged out.

    Beware Gackt's obnoxious vaping, it's loud af.

    Ended up watching the whole thing 3 times: when it was live, right as I was writing this so I could screen record it, and then realized the recording had no sound so had to watch it again. It's 1 hour 40 min long. If I hear Gackt's ridiculous laugh one more time I'll snap.

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    Thank you! Yeah the kabuki guy dd see Malice Mizer back in the Tetsu era.
    And Gackt said they didn't put down their real hights because it was more important to coordinate their heights with their other members and their platform shoes XD
    Like, if the leader made himself taller, they all had to lol
    Today is the day I learned Gackt is only 178cm.

    Do you remember around what time they talked about Hiroshima? Or bikini barbeque?
    I ended up skipping through most of it to when it seemed they were talking about Malice and didn't find those parts.

    The host is much better this time.
    And they talked about BYSEXUAL!!!
    Listen to Dynamite Girl and don't dance. I dare you.
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