Info List of out of print CDs and possible lives i'm hunting

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    So i've been looking for some of these for years and have had no luck. Even interacted with the media team for one of these while they were still active and they had none on hand.

    Delhezi - Exist single. This is the one i messaged the (now defunct) media team about trying to buy. All i had ever found was when their website was up they had snippets of the songs. I'm mostly wanting to find the second track, Oregon Vortex

    Eat you Alive - Key. Been trying to hunt this one as well to no avail.

    Any lives of BERRIE/Mad capsule markets that weren't on live releases like Reading S.S.M or 020120

    Dir en grey Space Lab Yellow live Feb 19 2001, specifically the Kaoru band that covered mad capsule markets songs and the Tommy band that covered LEFT WING by Piass

    Dir en Grey tour 04 Keen under the sun at Holiday shibaura daimon august 2 2004, again the mad capsule markets cover they did specifically
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    The only one I can really speak to is the Berrie and Mad Capsule Markets lives.
    Bootleg recordings sometimes appear on youtube like this one recently which I see you commented on:

    You should immediately rip these from Youtube as the uploaders often take them down themselves or the accounts get shut down from too many copyright infringement claims.
    Other rare old clips pop up from time to time. this surely came from a tv broadcast and it may have been up on Youtube at some point and pulled:

    The more challenging method is to find Japanese collectors who usually share a list of their collection online and trade with them. That said, most of these people have almost everything and trading with them is nearly impossible.
    The only thing you could seemingly offer these people is another live recording so rare that you literally had to have recorded it yourself so that noone else has it.
    Most of the live recordings that end up on youtube are ones that most collectors have had for years or decades so their trading 'value' is usually worthless.

    You can sometimes get lucky by finding twitter users who mention having bootlegs and asking them nicely for something very specific. Sometimes, whether out of courtesy or just being a friendly fan, they will share something without having to trade for it.
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