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    Thanks for the scans, beautifulmen!

    Gackt looks so weird to me in that photoshoot ::gaku::
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    Wow! I've never seen this photoshoot before! Awesome scans, thank you!!! =-D

    Berserk wrote:
    He's the only one biting the stem instead of having the flower bloom out of his mouth, hahaha

    Seriously, sometimes I wonder how the creative process flows when they are conceptualizing these photoshoots...

    Kozi: Dang it, I have a flower growing on my tounge again... I'd better prune it...
    Mana: Don't you dare! I just got the best idea for a photoshoot!
    Yu~ki: Whatever happened to the days when we all just hung out in graveyards and took polaroids...
    Gackt: ::gaku::
    Kami: Doesn't matter to me, I can make ANYTHING look good~
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    Berserk wrote:
    He looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid XD
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    PureElegance wrote:
    hahaha omg so true !!!! I'll never look at this photoshoot in the same way again xD

    Thanks for the scans beautifulmen <3 hadn't you already posted them before ? I've got a feeling I've already seen them... it's great seeing them again :D
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    Mana -

    and for those who haven't seen the others

    also there is this from the same photoshoot

    and for the strange plants scans yea I've posted them before but it was requested :)
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    ^ Just when I think I've seen every MM magazine picture in existence, you come along with more. xD
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    Seriously. Those are so beautiful and/or 80's. Thank you.

    ...if you feel like scanning them any larger I'll translate the article too (bored and I don't think it's been done yet).
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    my scans are 2000x(whatever is the equal) so they are very big, unfortunately photobucket resizes and compresses everything so I'll post a zip file of the article tomorrow.
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    Thanks for sharing! Never seen this before.
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    Thank you very much for doing my request, I was quite curious because I think the head spikes Mana is wearing were made by Suppurate System. Thank you.
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    He actually found them in the garbage. It's a common mistake.
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    gabespf wrote:
    It looks like his headdress from Bel Air, then yes, it's Suppurate System.
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    thanks so much for the 'strange plants' photos ^_^
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    thank you for the HQ scans!! I ADORE YOU @beautifulmen
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    Thank you! You contribute so much to this forum and I'm sure we all appreciate it :) I know I do.

    ARGH. Why did they use that color font though? It's so hard to read.
    Mana talks about games again XD
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    Oi Hancha, is there someplace I should be putting this thing?

    MGazette vol 14 Mana interview

    I’d like to know what you’ve been up to recently…
    M: I…haven’t been playing around. Everyone’s like that right – going out drinking, or to karaoke? I don’t do that kind of stuff.

    But aren’t you a gamer? (lol)
    M: Well, yeah, but…lately I haven’t been doing much of it! I collect so I don’t sell games or give them away, but I guess if a new one comes out I’ll buy it. (lol) Recently it’s that one, “Run About”, it’s pretty good.

    Is that Playstation?
    M: Yup. I got caught up in it for the first time in years. I like biking games, but this isn’t just one where you run the course on a regular track. This is different. You can go into side alleys you didn’t think you’d be able to. Plunging into department stores. Of course there are a lot of people there though.

    It sounds pretty challenging and interesting! I’d like to try it out!
    M: Yes. This is good.

    And getting to the main topic, the introduction of “Bel Air” took a different form from the lives.
    M: It’s a CD, and we thought to make the image easy to grasp.

    Contrary to expectation that you would follow the pop track you had started with “Ma Chérie”, the heavy atmosphere even content-wise was unexpected.
    M: We didn’t want our major debut to be a pop song.

    It is expected that you would rerecord the songs you have already released, but you also have new songs that you’ve performed at lives.
    M: Yes. Everyone thought (illegible due to bad publisher color choice).

    This is the most Bach-like approach that I’ve felt up to now.
    M: Like the harmonics? Well the main concept was Northern European metal though (lol) There’s still some of that feel.

    And about the blank space?
    M: That was always something I worried about, and at lives we do the piano, try to tie it together, think of all sorts of things, but this time since we’re making a movie we thought that would be the best way.

    So it’s like you’re filming for the sake of “Bel Air”?
    M: “Bel Air” is the main point. We’re making that song’s image into a movie.

    And then there’s France!
    M: From the beginning we’d thought of going to France for our major debut.

    It’s a very Malice choice, coming from the band that sang about Paris in “Après Midi” and “Ma Chérie.”
    M: Honestly we were supposed to film in Paris, but the filming licenses were a little strict. The content is all decided!

    Well even if it’s the suburbs, France fits. No hits for the contents? (lol)
    M: Hmm…well it’s not like we had to suddenly switch to a factory or anything like that. (lol) It’s a Malice Mizer approved place. The high road.

    Speaking of, it comes with a booklet, doesn’t it. Will you be shooting for this as well?
    M: No, that’s not it. We already shot that. A continuation of the photos from the ad.

    We’re looking forward to that side as well. And for your tour “Pays de Merveilles”. The title has a feeling of being surprised.
    M : Well, there’s this and that.

    I wonder if it isn’t making the video world into a reality?
    M: Weelll…yes, there is that. I really can’t say a lot about it (lol).

    Well then we’ll just look forward to it so it’s all good (lol). This time Kozi has a solo, so will Mana sama…
    M: huh? Solo debut? (lol)

    No not that (lol), I meant express it with a coupling or something in that form.
    M: Um, not particularly. I’d like to challenge myself in every way though.

    Like game production? (lol)
    M: Yeah, I’d like to make a game. I have a lot of ideas, but it’s impossible in Japan (lol). I’d like to make a completely brutal one (lol)

    Like a massacre? (lol)
    M: Yes, like that, brutal. Fundamentally real time brutality would be good. (lol)

    Criminals are bad yo (lol)
    M: That can’t be done can it, a society based game (lol) If you do something based on real situations it’d be a problem. I’m not like that.

    But a brutal type “Malice Game” would be nice! (lol)
    M: Well, me, you know, I like to run with my own interests. And I’d like to say to Konami, “Hurry up and release Scramble!” (lol) I really like it but they don’t have a household version. I wonder if it wouldn’t be best to just say it straight out to them…

    Let’s collect signatures from the Mizera- (Malice Mizer Lovers)? Take this opportunity to file a formal complaint (lol)…so, isn’t there anything else you’d like to do?
    M: Hmmm, things I want to do…huh…Like drive a car on a mountain ridge (lol)? Not that I have a car though (lol)

    Ah, you were tired so you broke it…(lol) And even so you’re troubled silly by all the things you have to do (lol)
    M: Yeah, that’s it, I’m tired (lol) It’s natural destiny (lol)

    And as for cooking?
    M: Lately I haven’t been. Too lazy to clean up after.

    I can’t imagine you doing clean-up.
    M: But I’m only cooking for myself (lol)

    I’d like you to do a cooking course at some point.
    M: In due time.

    Speaking of, what is your specialty?
    M: Salads and the like. Sometimes I make the dressing too, you know, I like Italian quite a lot (lol)

    Well, let’s think about that after you return from France.
    M: No, it’s not like that. It seems that I was living in France after all (lol)

    That’s right, living in a castle (lol) Let’s end with your enthusiasm about the photo shoot and returning home.
    M: eh…(said like a Dandy) I’ll do my best (lol) Gosh, what I am saying (lol)