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Discussion in '-off topic-' started by LejuN, Aug 5, 2004.

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    sanctum wrote:
    I was into pixel dolls and on one of the forums this girl made a Mana doll and posted a link to the live Ju te Veux performance (not sure how, bc i think this was pre-youtube)

    I probably found scape right after that.
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    Hey guys, i am new here. I'm having a hard time finding how to get a profile pic, or how to post threads.
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    Zaaria wrote:
    Welcome aboard ::foot::

    Mouseover your username in the upper right and select "Avatar" for the picture. New thread button is "Post new thread" in the upper right.
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    Not really new, but I've never really posted or made an account until like December of 2020....but uhhh yeah hiyo lol
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    KattVKEI wrote:
    No matter where i go, you're always there lol ::meev:: welcome
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    hi I'm not that new but i wondered what it was like posting, anyways most of the information on here is really helpfull, especially when i was first getting into mm and everything. Ok anyways bye-
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