Origins of your username

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    Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:10 pm

    Cerceaux wrote:
    Oh, thanks~ :3
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    Some years before I was Shiroi as "white" because I was a white princess ♥ After that it came more mature - Shira. Then I added "Sutcliff" like Grell Sutcliff, I loved him very much. Next name , Shiori Shibaguchi was because some translator translated the Shira Sutcliff name like that. I have also other nickname - Oris which comes from Latin obsession and probably doesn't mean anything ,too much explaining"
    Now I'm Hiroki Shirosaki - Hiroki because I'm in love with this name and Shirosaki, because it's quite a good family name and it has "Shiro" in it.
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    Well for any people who likes scape artists my nickname is pretty obvious:

    Haruna: Klaha
    Kamimura: Kami

    This used to be my nickname for lots of time. Then in almost all places I shortened it to Haruna. But until recently I started to use "Shinya" (mostly because of DeG drummer). But after a year or so by using Shinya I started to use "ShinyaHaruna", because most of the people know me by Haruna and wanted to keep using Shinya.

    Although by now I'd like to use my real name everywhere but I can't go back, lol
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    JDavidW -> Juan David my real first name and W from "Daddy Warbucks" xDD

    [​IMG] ::kaya::
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    Folie = madness/insanity, I've always been interested in mental behavior studies and even made a bachelor in psychology.
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    Old times i was a Big fan of Aliene Ma'riage the best band in my younger and too Akira in this time none people used this name , and i mix both and good , Old times i never forget a my favorite band of Younger .
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    I recently changed my name so I figure I might as well explain it.

    My legal name is "D Wellington Rafflesia". I chose the last name Rafflesia from the Malice Mizer song "Lafflesia". I knew I wanted my last name to be Malice Mizer related and Rafflesia fit. It is the world's largest flower. It does not live from photosynthesis, but rather acts as a parasitic organism and drains the life from surrounding flora. Rafflesia also ties into my love for Pokemon as one of the Pokemon "Vileplume" is based after the Rafflesia.
    Darkest is just a play on my first name beginning with "D".
    The end.
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    i've choosen lil cyclop child cause of some tiny asian dicks , simple as porn i mean tharD :twisted: