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    Posted: Fri May 25, 2018 4:15 am

    Hello there!
    I have recently listened to Nostal Lab for the first time and I was blown away, especially by the song scape, which this forum was named after. To be honest I did not expect it to be so good.
    I went on the site to see the tags, and noticed something weird.
    "scape ~with transparent wings~"
    Shouldn't it be "scape ~with transparent wigs~"
    The Japanese characters, because it's written like that on my CD, and other songs like green or Red Room use those characters too.
    Also I put on the song in the car and my dad thought it really sounded like this, and it does! The same chords in the beginning and a similar melody. It came out later than Klaha's song haha!

    Even the ending is very similar! Same rythm and chords to end.... very suspicious.
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    I'm dying xDDDD I never expected to see a song by that singer in this forum hahahahah
    The "scape artists" took a lot of inspiration from French and Spanish singers and musicians for sure.
    In latin america is well known that Klaha has a similar vibrato like the Argentine singer called "Sandro", even the music of these artists is similar to many songs by MALICE MIZER:

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