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    Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 8:21 pm

    My memory is shot to hell and I can't remember if I've even seen this before, but I've recently found a video with unreleased concert footage and unreleased music.

    It was later pointed out to me that the video was from the Shinwa VHS (uploaded to YT by @Cantavanda <3 )

    I'm having a hard time with the unreleased songs tho, can someone help? There is a part there that sounds very much like Le Ciel to me, but with different lyrics.

    Sorry if this is silly, but I've never been good at remembering those unreleased songs, as the audio quality always bugged me a bit too much to actually listen to it...

    Original Shinwa video on @Cantavanda 's magnificent YT channel

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    Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 7:06 am

    This audio I think is from an unreleased bootleg, by unreleased I mean that no one has put it on the intornet fully yet.
    In the comments if I remember I found a Japanese person complaining about the YT uploader, he wasn't supposed to do it.

    Such a flippin' shame we don't have the full version of this bootleg, it's the best bootleg quality I've ever heard.

    Actually, there is a huge amount of MALICE MIZER audio bootlegs (and video) that we don't have at all on the internet, they're in possession of very elitist Japanese collectors, who only want to trade them for other bootlegs.
    If you've done so much effort to get your hands on a bootleg, would you want to share it publicly? Nice people like @flowersofnight would, but most wouldn't.

    I once found a list on a Japanese site about someone who made a list of their bootlegs, the contents were astounding.
    Sadly I completely forgot how and where I found it, and my intornet bookmarks got reset a few times (thanks Michaelsoft Binbows)

    I found a person on Twitter with some, even a Tetsu VHS (unseen bootleg), but he says he doesn't want to sell overseas, so I proposed to him if he wants to sell it to a friend of mine in Japan, who then sells it to me.
    The conversation has been going on for six months now, with only one reply per one or two months.
    He also has a ton of LAREINE indies bootlegs, and he was present at LAREINE and MALICE MIZER first lives, maybe even bootlegged them? IDK, he has hundreds of them.

    I will keep persisting to get my hands on it.

    Thank you for the shoutout.
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    Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:43 am

    the last song is 少女の瞳, but I can’t tell what the song between seraph and 記憶と空 is. (if it wasn’t for that song, I’d say that it’s the audio from Gackt’s first live with MM at ON AIR WEST on 10.10.95, which I have, but I don’t have that song.)
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    Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:49 am

    The songs in the first video are baroque, seraph at 1:15, gogo no sasayaki at 2:28, kioku no sora at 3:30, shoujou no hitomi at 4:20.

    Gackt sings the last song (shoujou no hitomi) quite different from the Tetsu version. I love the terrible quality Gackt versions, but I think this is my least favorite.

    I asked the forum about gogo no sasayaki before (, and we couldn't quite pin down the show or find any other recordings.. It's a shame because its one of my favorite songs!

    I'm sure those collectors in Japan are listening to their high quality bootlegs and swimming in setlists all day long. I happened upon their trading lists as well when I was trying to find info about gogo no sasayaki, and they are really incredible! I hope you have luck prying Cantavanda, I would love to see and hear all that history.
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    Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:07 am

    Soponos wrote:
    I was thinking that it was 午後のささやき, but wasn’t entirely sure; thanks for confirming. ^^
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