The "higeki no bansan" Disassembly Thread

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    ketsurui wrote:
    ketsurui wrote:
    Hi, I know this is a pretty old topic, and it's related to another thread, but I'd like to extract and remaster the Art Marju Duchain live (I completely forgot it got posted on here a year ago), does someone have the tracklist to "喜劇の晩餐 Vol.1" or the Ma Cherie scan of 2/3 that apparently has more information on it ?

    Also, while searching for it, I decided to use Yandex, which I knew has a strong image lookup algorithm, and I had no idea that it included OCR as well ? It's surprisingly good, it just retranscribed the scan I had, which I hadn't been able to read before.

    Here's its output (translated by google translate lol) :

    96/11/8 ON AIR WEST Comedy no Akira
    Kai and PROG
    This is a band that does not fit in the session. A mystery is an old friend. Since he lived in Osaka, when he came to Tokyo on a tour, he went to good view and was quite sound and poisoned.
    It ’s really interesting.
    So, when I had a live show in Tokyo, I secretly came out with a support (he doesn't know, hehehehehe). After all, this band is crazy, and the world of destruction and the world of Malice are completely different, so it is extremely irritating.
    The highlight of this day is the SM show. It seems that the irritation was strong. * (I don't usually do this. I'm not sure what to say.) Well, I'll give these many different stimulations. !! This woman is actually a human figure creator. And also the band. The human form that this person makes is very cool, so it looks good!

    Edit : wth is going on here

    Note : If most of side a is Art Marju Duchain the synths sound very A+b No.0 9p at some parts, and... it's WAY upbeat, and Kai's screamed voice without effects is harsh (I'm pretty sure it's AMD, since you hear the Mana fangirls throughout the recording lmao) I'm flabergasted it sounds more Jelsomena like to me than like... their later very atmospheric contributions.


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    I can send you the ma cherie scans of volumes 2/3 if you like, I have all the issues scanned and edited in HQ.
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    Madame.Tarantula wrote:
    I'd appreciate it <3

    Edit after receiving the scans :

    So basically every session band except ART MARJU DUCHAIN and 3P Mayonnaise (which didn't even perform...) had a setlist ? (mood)
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    heutre wrote:
    I'm still skeptical about 3P Mayonnaise not performing. Something just doesn't add up. ART MARJU DUCHAIN's set wraps up at around the 24-25 minute mark of the first file, while Brand New Lover doesn't start until about the 6-7 minute mark of the second file. We know the order they played in based on the Ma Cherie report....ART MARJU DUCHAIN, 3P Mayonnaise, Brand New Lover, BOOWY, and finally MALACAS. That leaves 3 songs with an obviously different vocalist between AMD and BNL. Who is it? It's not BOOWY because there is a BOOWY song at the end of the second file, and it's DEFINITELY not Gackt, so not MALACAS (I have one of those tracks anyway....Gackt is unmistakable like always). I don't have the 3P Mayonnaise demo to compare anything to (I saw it was previously uploaded here, but the download link is dead and nobody replied to a re-up request), but that's the only answer that makes sense.

    Also, NONE of the ART MARJU DUCHAIN songs from the set ever got an official release, and I can't find a single setlist from them anywhere. SOMEONE had to have been to one of their shows. Maybe someone can clean up the audio and translate the MC parts to find a song name?

    Edit: Regarding 3P Mayonnaise, if I recall correctly, the interview in Ma Cherie stated that Kami was ill that night. It sounded more like HE didn't perform, not THEY didn't perform. Maybe someone can better translate that article?
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    I can hear there's an small MC with Kami. (not in the short but the full recording)
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    The Nancy Drew(s) of the vk community... 3P Mayonnaise Gate..
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    I split this off to its own thread.

    ANY-way, it was brought to my attention that I never actually ripped tape 2 of this live, only the two sides of tape 1. So I went ahead and ripped that. For everyone's reference, we now have:

    Tape 1:

    Tape 2:

    I didn't listen to the whole thing, but Grackt is definitely there on that second tape ::gaku::
    I'll leave it up to you all to figure out what's what on there.
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    in "fixed" tape, 3P Mayonnaise can be aound 36:00 ?

    anyone have the complete setlist?
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    I put in on YT with the setlist
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    Js_klaus wrote:
    !!! <3
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    Thank you!!!