Release The MALICE MIZER Deep Sanctuary DVD has been announced!

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    Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:55 pm

    "copyright claim by SPY GLASS MUSIC"

    a new "midi nette" ?
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    Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:25 pm

    I don't like that name, I would prefer maglaia ::mana::
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    Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:46 pm

    I caved and ordered this recently from the new made-to-order batch that seemingly appeared on cdjapan. I believe preorders end July 31 if you haven't scooped up a copy yet. Something about being able to support something new from them after all these years feels pretty special.
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    Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:36 pm

    SPY GLASS MUSIC is related company of HOT STUFF PROMOTION Co., Ltd
    HOT STUFF PROMOTION is related to most of MALICE MIZER and Moi dix Mois live.
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    Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:57 pm

    Paraph wrote:
    Me too, at first I couldn't justify spending SGD220 on a Bluray + book (especially as a graphic designer) but after watching the whole thing illegally I went ahead and bought it.

    I have no complaints about the concert but I really hate the awkward cuts - especially the fade-ins and outs between songs.

    I love Beast Side but I am bored of listening to Moi dix Mois' old songs before D+Sect.

    ZIZ really surprised me. Seraph was the highlight of the whole concert, but I don't know if I would be able to enjoy their recorded music. It seems like a huge part of their charisma comes from them performing live. (The old dude in the white dress is so cool)

    The Malice Mizer segment brought back feelings from than 10 years ago, but their outfits are far too chonky I think.

    The most impressionable moment for me was when Kamijo sang Apres Midi. I don't particularly like what Kamijo is doing these days but it seems he's the only one who's remained a hardcore francophile/ Mana fanboy after all these years.
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    Posted: Wed Aug 7, 2019 3:37 pm

    I watched the entire live and I loved it! Seth was overall the strongest vocalist the entire show. I feel like the others didn't have the same control as Seth. Some songs felt out of the range gor Kamijo and the other guest artists. (Kozi was amazing his entire set too!) With that being said I feel more inspired to buy the DVD and get my MDM tattoo!!
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    Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:08 pm

    has the signature event already happened? Someone from this forum went?
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    Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:26 pm

    It was yesterday. I went. It was like an hour and a half of waiting for 15 seconds of meeting the band/shaking their hands and having them sign a poster. I was so dumb-founded I couldn’t say anything besides Happy birthday to Yu~ki and thank you before the staff told me to move along. It was my dream come true since I was 10 years old, and my proudest moment is that I made Mana crack a smile.
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    Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 9:03 am

    harajukululu wrote:
    You actually touched them? Can we touch you now?

    I had a similiar experience during a Kaya Q&A where I asked him a couple of questions and then got his autograph and a handshake.
    Took me 4 hours on train to get there and then 4 hours back after the event. It was still worth it because I'm insane.
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    Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:11 pm

    @harajukululu that is so cool!! Were they wearing the DSVI outfits? How was the whole thing set up, were they on a stage and there was a line or in a room? I need details xD
    What did you do to get Mana to smile?
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    Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:42 pm

    They weren’t wearing the DSVI outfits; Yu~ki’s was similar, but Mana had a big flowery hat, and Közi was much more casual.

    There were endless hallways that led to a small stage, but they were sitting behind a panel so you didn’t see them until it was your turn. They were playing (the audio from) the DSVI blu-ray while we waited in that very cold room. After some time, staff let them enter and hide behind the panel so you could catch a glimpse while they walked to their positions.
    While waiting your turn, you could hear others briefly chatting with them, occasionally laughing or making them laugh.

    When it was my turn my heart was beating out of my chest. First was Yu~ki, Mana in the middle, and Közi at the end. All members signed the poster (their DSVI costumes) and offered to shake your hand, which I seemed to forget was part of it in my starstruck state. And I was freezing (sleeveless in sweltering Japanese summer) in the strongly air-conditioned room, so when Mana took my hand in his hands, I accidentally said “Ahh, so warm” and his lip twitched to stifle laughter and produced what can be considered a smile as far as Mana’s facial expressions go. Közi didn’t speak, which is unfortunate, but I’ve met and shaken his hand before several years ago at one of his concerts at the merchandise table, so I’m not too upset about it.

    What should be mentioned is that they had been doing this all day. When I received the email about being selected for the event, it listed me under “group 4” whose designated time was from 3pm and expected to last 2 hours (after an hour and a half of waiting, honestly). I’m not good with estimating crowd sizes but there were 100~200 people in my group. Quite a few foreigners, too. Of them, surprisingly, many dudes in a T-shirt/baseball cap/khaki shorts and sandals combination. Very “suburban Dad” couture, mixed in with all the Moitié.
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    Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:01 am

    @harajukululu thank you so much for sharing!!!
    Considering Mana's range of facial expressions in public that was as close to a full blown smile as anyone would get! XD

    Didn't think there would be so many people there! I tried to search through the Malice Mizer hashtag on twitter for reports but not many turned up.. definitely none in any language other than japanese. I wonder where all these foreigners are hiding online :p

    It seems like it was really amazing! Here's the pics they've shared since btw:

    IMG_20190812_150450.jpg IMG_20190810_150849.jpg IMG_20190811_032605.jpg IMG_20190810_170155.jpg IMG_20190810_042140.jpg
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    Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:51 am

    I love their outfits - seems like all of them bring their fashion A-game when they're doing official Malice Mizer business. As it should be ::mana::
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    Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:54 pm

    Közi's suit. O_O
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    Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:31 pm

    flowersofnight wrote:
    I would have preferred that they had worn this for the lives rather than the costumes.
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    Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:12 pm

    Just realized that Mana Kozi and Yu~ki are all not wearing nail polish. For some reason that is kind of shocking. I wonder why.
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    Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 10:28 am

    DarkestRafflesia wrote:
    Yu~ki's got some clear polish with a little black dusting Around the base/cuticles, if you look closely at his selfie.
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    Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:14 pm

    After seeing the bluray I felt kind of empty, grateful, but wanting them to actually resume activity or it feels all for not ☹️
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    Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:03 pm

    Just watched this for the first time (watched it online-- and I excitedly await my bluray in the mail!!! Now I just need a bluray player lol), and wow! Some thoughts I typed out as I was watching, chunked according to each segment of the concert:

    Moi dix Mois
    -Am so happy to hear Dialogue Symphonie again!! Takes me back.
    -Seiji is solid, he really is! Awesome to think back on this man's now very long career as a vocalist!
    -I also would love tell to tell Seiji about the magic that Olaplex can work for bleached hair skskkssksk
    -I am defs feeling Mana's Moi dix Mois outfit.
    -Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku is one of my absolute favorite songs and Seiji did it justice! Nice to hear it with some guitar, too.

    -ZIZ is a TOTAL highlight, their energy????????
    -Közi is fucking cool ::dix::
    -The man in white (Jiro?) has a true look going.
    -Chargeeeeee... reminds me of C.C. DeVille's early looks/styling in Poison, hahaha, and I'm here for it.
    -Közi, again, is cool and awesome and I very much admire him artistically.

    Trio Mizer
    -I teared up when they kicked off the Malice Mizer segment of the concert by standing there holding out roses....wooooooo!!!
    -Kyomu no naka de no Yuugiajksdknaksnjdjkdas THE LITTLE BLINKY LIGHTS that's all I've got.

    Shuji Mizer
    -Okay Shuji is nabbing that Testu style down hard with styling and vocals???
    -Man. Kioku to Sora is a great song!!!!!
    -Shuji is really doing some hover hand with Mana during the more ~homoerotic~ portions of Illuminati, isn't he? His choice. Maybe he felt too awkward to get in there (Közi didn't, on the other hand aksjdnaksndmjkasd). Totally highlights to me though just how theatrical Grrrrackt used to be about it back in the day :D
    -Yu~ki looked like he was having so much fun during the Illuminati performance and that gives me life!!!!

    Kamijo Mizer
    -Kamijo is radiating with passion and love and respect for this music :)
    -He's taking us to Paris y'all.
    -I feel like Kamijo really practiced/made a determined effort to get all the little vocal flourishes in and wow, much appreciated.
    -Typical Kamijo jacket/coat swishes, and I'm here for it.
    -Also here for Kamijo teasing Mana-- that was funny.
    -Honestly, I think Bel Air requires some real vocal dynamism (and complain as we may about Grarrrararakt, his vocals were off the hook during this period)... but Kamijo gave it a great effort and supplied plenty of passion and true frontmanship WOOHOO! <3
    -I have an admiring affection for Kamijo. He did us a solid!

    Hitomi Mizer
    -Okay so I'm not really familiar with Hitomi/Fatima/Moran/Umiyuri but I'm defs gonna check them out after this.
    -Hitomi gives something of the air Voyage-era Gackt did, and I think he was an excellent choice for this portion of the concert!
    -Madrigal is one of my favorite songs of all time and this performance was AWESOME!!!!!! Aw, Mana and the teddy bear and flowers, YES!
    -I can't believe they did Nps Ngs, lmfao, yes, god is good. But really this performance was energetic and kewl! Yu~ki coming up front was a treat. Also, once again, Közi is cool.
    -Sakura brought it with the drums and the passion and the respect!!! So glad a mentor of Kami's could join!

    Sing-a-long Mizer
    -Interesting having the Gackt footage up. I wonder what he thinks of this whole thing in general ::gaku::

    Group Chorus Mizer
    -Wow!!!!!! So emotional hearing Ma chérie like this ;.; Wonderful song, WONDERFUL VIBES!!!!
    -Want to mention, Yu~ki's outfit is super cool.
    -The little hop/skip/kick Kamijo does when he begins singing is worth the price of the bluray I've ordered alone.
    -This is beautiful. Such good vibes.
    -Okay the end of Ma chérie where they lights go out, except for Közi's, and he sings the last line? I'M TEARING UP AGAIN OUT OF HAPPINESS AND GOODFEELS!

    Ending Bows
    -Woooo the feels and the love for their craft all of these people have??? I am HUMBLED!!!!
    -So sweet but so difficult watching the three of them hold each other and walk off stage :')
    -The purple lights on the drums for Unmei no Deai was beautiful.

    Overall thoughts:
    I feel a bit hollow now that it's over, but that was such a loving tribute to their legacy a group, and a very enjoyable concert! Highlights: the support they received from fellow friends/colleagues, the fact this happened at all, all the thought put into how to approach each song esp how they'd even do a lot of the same moves they used to, ZIZ!!!!, Közi being cool, Yu~ki having fun, and Mana everlasting.

    EDIT: Aside from Közi still being cool, I wish I could have an album version of this live! Esp for the ZIZ cover of Seraph. Maybe a fan will clip and convert the concert into mp3s??
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    colorsofromance wrote:
    Yes please someone. ALL the things!

    Totally have not been going back to listen to Mayonaka over and over again. Nope. No way.

    Does anyone have any idea when MdM will release their next album? Beast Side is definitely not in any released album... yet.
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