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    I dunno. MorganIvy suggested we post our translations somewhere findable. It sounded like a good idea.
    So let's use this thread.

    I found everything I've translated so far and put it up on my website. ... views.html

    Still working on the DS II pamphlet.
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    Posted: Wed Nov 7, 2012 2:22 pm

    Thanks faith!! =D
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    DS II pamphlet part 2 translation

    And Yuki, it’s really been a long time since you played bass on stage if I’m correct…

    Y: It has been long. I’m practicing standing up while playing (lol)
    K: Ah, cause you’ve gotta stand while you’re playing at performances.
    Y: I wobble around like a newborn lamb while I’m playing!
    K: You’re always wobbly, but suddenly it’s doubled!
    Y: I keep thinking, “Since when was the bass so heavy?” and stuff like that.
    M: You don’t normally play it?
    Y: I do. Well, here and there.
    K: Yuki-chan, you play that thing at home, don’t you? What was it again. That thing you bought when we went out shopping before.
    Y: Ah, the didgeridoo.
    M: Didgeridoo?
    Y: Apparently it’s originally a traditional woodwind instrument the Australian aborigines play.
    M: What got you interested in that?
    Y: These past few years I’ve been wearing minzoku-kei as my normal clothing style, and since I’ve been doing that it’s natural that I’d be interested in minzoku-kei instruments as well. For percussion I’m interested in minzoku-kei too.
    M: Ah, I see. Your fashion was minzoku-kei when you came to see [Deep Sanctuary I], so I thought to myself that you had a lot of different drawers. So it’s not just the fashion, but your lifestyle itself had become minzoku-kei.
    Y: Ever since I started dressing like this I’ve had all these ladies suddenly calling out to me on the streets. Even yesterday in town a made-up, trendy lady came up to me and asked, “Which country is that fashion from?”
    K: Eeeeh…
    Y: At first I thought it might be some sort of solicitation, like “Join us and find the road to happiness!”, but then she was old.
    K: laughs
    M: Is your house minzoku-kei too?
    K: Before I went to Yuki-chan’s place – he has really good taste! It’s completely minzoku-kei, but the way he uses accessories, cloth, lighting, etc is super cool.
    M: Hoh…
    K: Yuki-chan has exceedingly good artistic taste after all. I wanted to imitate the way he used draping so when he was off getting beer I went around taking photos of everything (lol)
    M: Do you still write songs?
    Y: Yup, I keep getting off track but…bit by bit.
    M: Like trying to incorporate in minzoku-kei?
    Y: Yes, there is that.

    Using email you 3 connected with each other again for the first time in a while, so is there anything that you think, “This person sure has changed”?
    K: When it comes down to it, the analogue type Mana had become a super digital being (lol)
    M: I know it pretty thoroughly! Cause I’ve studied the Mac. I’ve really become a Digipafo (Digital Performer) and Mac artisan.
    Y: I bought Digipafo too you know. But it failed at installation 3 times and I couldn’t use it then.
    All: burst out laughing
    Y: And, I researched it, and heard tons about it, and had people teach me how to use it, and tried it out, but in the end I didn’t understand, and that’s how it’s remained.
    M: Ah…
    Y: When it comes to music, there are plenty of people making good sounds with analogue.
    K: Defiance!
    Y: It’s best to capitalize on something the most possible and use that!
    K: Yeah but there’s still that Digipafo you couldn’t capitalize!
    All: laugh
    M: It’s been about 10 years I think. Back in Malice times I saw Kozi using Digipafo and I thought it was a super difficult thing you were doing! At that time I didn’t even have a PC.
    Kozi said a lot of really difficult sounding vocabulary like the interface this and that, and I heard that it even freezes, so I thought it was definitely impossible. QY doesn’t freeze and all that.
    Y: It does freeze, QY.
    M: What???? Really?!?!?
    K: Isn’t it because Yuki-chan’s using his QY to the last inch of its life?
    M: Ah, yes, he appropriated it to the point that the characters disappeared.
    Y: It was pretty worn down. But the one I have now is my second.
    K: He’s a man assembling hard sounds.
    M: Now I’m using a Mac to make songs, but I wish I had gotten into PC’s earlier.
    K: I can’t believe it. That Super Uber Mega analogue Mana is now digital.
    Y: But he’s always been the kind of person who really gets into whatever he gets into.
    K: Good point. It takes a lot for him to get into something, but once he does he goes really deep.
    M: Once I get into it, I want to find out everything there is to know.
    K: I’m the opposite. I get into stuff easily, but always on the shallow side.
    Y: Ah, that’s right. Kozi’s wide and shallow. Mana’s narrowed down and deep.
    M: Kozi, the Mac that you’re using now is 3 generation before isn’t it? You don’t have any desire to change it in for a new one?
    K: I do but can’t. If I change over it seems like I won’t be able to use the system I’ve been using up to now. That’d be bothersome.
    M: For sure it’s a bother, but I’m always interested in when an OS or Software will be updated, and normally riveted on that kind of news. I read catalogues and digital equipment information. It’s a considerable study. It’s like I’ve become a sucker for new digital products.
    K: Now you’re using Photoshop too right? Manachan.
    M: I am.
    Y: Photoshop also came from Kozi didn’t it, back then.
    M: At that time we were both into Photoshop, every time for the fanclub newsletter.
    Y: Yup. It had value as a way of self expression.
    K: We were fantastically using our time in the most useless way possible lol. The things you can do with analogue are limited, so I think that the sense is fabulous in the ideas that are squeezed out through trial and error in such a limited scope, but on the other hand digital can do anything and has endless possibilities, right?
    M: There is that.
    Y: At the end of the day, it’s the way it’s used isn’t it. Not which is good or anything like that. Just the direction I’m looking for, the taste I want is analogue. I use digital as a tool, but the outcome desired atmosphere is analoguish.
    M: Ah, it might be that way for me too. I want an analogue flavor.
    K: Yeah. I get that.
    M: Yukichan, do you do any kind of design or art related things? I wonder if you’re not oriented towards that.
    Y: I am interested in it. There was a point in time where I was even making accessories.
    K: You gave some to me before. I’ve used the rosary you made at my lives!
    Y: I suppose that direction has always interested me.
    K: Speaking of things that Manachan’s all studied up on, at the party we did a toast with beer right? At that time you were unexpectedly, profusely knowledgeable about beer.
    M: Cause I’ve studied it.
    Y: Why beer? I didn’t know you liked it.
    M: Regarding a drink people sympathize with to such an extent, I thought since it is favored there has to be a determined reason for it to be favored! …and so I wanted to study it. I just recently found out how good it is too.
    K: Me too, speaking of beer, I have my daily Kirin Tanrei Green Label lol
    M: Low malt beer, huh. You drink it at home? The kind in the can? Or the draft kind?
    K: From the can.
    Y: Aren’t the bubbles yummy?
    M: That’s our Yukichan. Beer’s the kind of drink where enjoy the delicateness of the bubbles while you taste it. You have to pay full attention to skillfully pour it so it makes fine bubbles!
    K: There it goes! Mac Study and Beer Study! You’re certainly busy!
    All: laugh

    The last page was really hard for some reason so I might have messed up a little here or there. Feel free to correct.
    Beer is gross. I always thought I should learn about it too so I could talk to people, but I just don't like it period.
    Instead I watched the entire x seasons of How I met your Mother. I don't like that either, but it's another cultural thing that everyone seems to know.
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    Thank you so much, faith!
    I knew Mana was a nerd, but studying beer?! Really?! xD
    I don't really care much for beer but it's what I've been drinking for the past year and a half, because it's cheapest. I love wine but it's kind of hard to find cheap wine in bars... (well I do go to a few places where it's 0,50€ a glass, but it's kinda horrible wine xD)
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    When I was a kid, I thought beer was gross too and I was told by grownups that it was an aquired taste. It turns out that they were right. I doubt most people like it at first but it sort of grows on you until one day, you sort of just "get it" and start liking it. It's like that with most alcohol. I never would have guessed that one day my favorite drink would be vodka martinis but I adore it now.

    I guess a lot of things are like that. Certain "weird" foods like sushi start tasting good to you after a while and certain types of extreme music, like black or death metal, start sounding good to you though they were too much for you to handle when you were first exposed to them. I doubt that many people go straight from listening to nothing but pop music right into listening to Cannibal Corpse.
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    Mana's up with the trends when it comes to beer, I see. I've read that craft brewing is exploding in popularity in Japan just like it is in the U.S. Some people are upset about that though, because it's coming at the expense of sake so they feel that it's diminishing Japanese culture.

    I'm still not a big fan of beer. Light ales are about all I drink at this point, and I think they kind of suck. It's like drinking slightly alcoholic sprite to me. I don't know if it's a taste I'll acquire or not. I feel like as long as there's cider, who needs beer? XD

    But there are some cool craft breweries in Michigan, so I guess I'll have to give them a chance before I say I don't like it.

    I tried cider for the first time this fall and loved it. I'm so glad it's becoming popular again in America, because it used to be a staple of our culture before the Prohibition Era did away with it. I'll try not to ramble about it, but I've been studying cider lately (I'm like Mana in how I latch onto some kind of random topic and "go deep" with it XD) and there's so much that's interesting about it.

    I'm dying to try applejack and calvados, but I haven't been able to find any anywhere.

    Anyways, thanks so much, faith, for the translation!
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    Thank you for the translation. :)

    Personally I hate beer, but I seem to remember an episode in one of the last physical Madoushos (I think) where Mana described his attempts to try and re-create the perfect head of beer at home. The kind you get in a restaurant or bar that serves draught beer. Like many Madousho stories it was very funny.

    And yeah, Mana's transformation from techno phobe to Apple whizz kid has been quite impressive.
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    thank you for translations!! it was so funny!

    I knew the count was such a hipster LOL! hahaha

    And well... like Mana almost turned into a sort of variation of Közi: a digital music creator and beer lover.
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    Thanks for the translation! I liked how the interviewer asked such concrete questions about what the lyrics mean and they're like, "obviously we don't really have an answer..." lol

    Hearing Mana talk about harmony and counterpoint also makes me feel like he knows more about music theory than he claims.
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    wow you translated it in French too ! congrats :D !

    I read both your UV and Deep Sanctuary translations and I really enjoyed both.
    I lol-ed at Kozi's "we spent lots of time on useless stuff" when they were talking about Photoshop xD

    Thanks a lot for sharing !
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    Thanks very much Faith!

    1st question is funny, it's hard to believe Mana had never seen a garnet stone before. He probably has, just didn't pay attention to that kind of stuff.

    Where can I find DS II pamphlet part 1 translation?
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  14. Blue Moon -member- -member-

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    Thanks Faith! :)
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    faith wrote:
    Thanks for translating this :cool: There's some interesting stuff in here about the origin and concept... and a lot of goofy nonsense ::meev::
    I'm not surprised Tetsu was annoyed by the picture-taking, judging by how many audience-taken pics are still out there XD
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    Thanks a lot for the translation ! I really enjoyed reading that :D
    Tetsu really talks a lot xD
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    Thanks a lot, faith!

    Those were the good old days, I guess...
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    flowersofnight wrote:
    Really?! oh.. Search rampage.

    Faith.. I never realized you're the one behind the Asagao sites. I'm a bit in a shock.
    As many persons I've been reading those sites over and over again for years.
    I will not be lying if I say I'm a bit of a closet fangirl of you. I loved that "how to crossdress" thing.. I visited it several times T.T But never get around to actually crossdress.
    Oh yey Faith <3

    Ok sorry about that.

    Thank you so much for the translations. I love some new stuff to sink my teeth into.

    I've always had the feeling Mana had a big influence on Közi in the early days, and now I see that, Közi had quite some influence on Mana later on. It's cute.
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    thank you for the translation!

    funny how little they changed over time, in a positive way of course ;)