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    Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2021 3:19 am

    lilcyclopchild wrote:

    I keep thinking back to 10+ years ago when Velvet Eden and Blam Honey restarted activities and the revival seemed so potent and now... Dada is making tights and Ryonai is selling overpriced... nightmare material? It all kinda just fell apart huh...
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    lilcyclopchild wrote:
    Do you have the tweets by any chance ? I couldn't find them unfortunately.

    Manneking wrote:
    Tbh I can't fault them because I can't imagine them paying the bills with niche music sales. I think they took the best decision on the long run. I just wish Ryonai would've released a bit more though.
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    I really hope Dada and Kalm can team up again for some kind of project in the future. As much as I enjoyed the VE revival it didn't really compare.
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    This was Dada right after the elections:

    Anyway he's still using FB all the time.

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    Phantom Pabulum wrote:
    In my experience those are hardly uncommon opinions in Japan. :P
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    Now I'm sad because I can't engoy instagram and I only have china slave FB. Faith is OVER.
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    Lord this thread