YAREGAMI (Malice Mizer fan paper)

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    Found on an auction: an authentic peek into the mind of an authentic Malice Mizer fangirl. I thought I'd translate it ::meev::


    YAREGAMI #1 - 6/1999
    * This is a paper published for the private amusement of Odagiri Gabi (小田切 雅美).
    When the next issue will come out, I have no idea *laughs*

    Greetings. I'm Odagiri Gabi. So, this paper is titled "YAREGAMI" ("Waste Paper") because I printed it using unwanted paper from my work (a print shop) - garbage, if you will. But you know, whatever... *sweatdrop*

    Lately I've been into visual-kei bands, drawing up postcards of them and even doing cosplay... currently I'm even in fan clubs for 3 bands. You might think it's dumb, but it's not even that I particularly like everyone in those bands (though I like them well enough of course) But MALICE MIZER's Mana-sama, Dir en grey's Toshiya-kun, and La'cryma Christi's HIRO-san, those three I fell in love with *laughs* At lives when I can see them in person, I can barely take my eyes off of them. Makes me want to leap up there onstage with them *laughs* Really, they're beautiful!

    (Picture) L-R: Toshiya-kun, Mana-sama, HIRO-san <3 Ahhhh~ They're all so handsome... [illegible] *sweatdrop*

    So if you want to have fun at lives, take me with you. But because of work, I can only go out in Nagoya *sweatdrop*
    I'd like to go to Osaka or Tokyo, but there's no way I could make it to work the following day... well, maybe once a year I could get away with 2 days off without getting axed. So if you can go, please look me up!

    > Also, I do cosplay. But I don't completely copy them, I just wear makeup and outfits that kinda-sorta make you go "Oh, like ___?" *laughs* Most recently perhaps I'm aspiring to Mana-sama's Elegant Gothic Lolita (maybe I'll wear it today too?)
    In April I went to a fan club-only event, it was the first time I'd seen the Malice members live in 10 months. Really though, what are they going to do from here?! No vocalist...... maybe Kami will try singing like Gackt while he drums? *laughs*

    > Changing the subject, I've been doing doujin for a while now. When I started in middle school, what I was into was the anime full of beautiful characters, "Saint Seiya". I did some doodles but of course it never amounted to anything. After that I was into Troopers and stuff like that. In high school I liked Yuu Yuu Hakushou, and I'm embarrassed to say I made 3 issues about it *laughs* Other than those, I'm not particularly into anime.
    That's how I got here, I guess... but if you happen to hear any old rumors and things, just keep on as if you never heard them *laughs*
    (People the same age as me will get this..... *arrow pointing to picture*)

    (Picture) On the right is Mana-sama in cosplay as Pisces Aphrodite from "Saint Seiya".
    They have a lot in common *laughs*
    Match points:
    Both Pisces (Born in March)
    Both blood type O
    Both have an affinity for roses
    Both self-styled "beauties"

    * I'm a type-O Pisces born in March too! (What, you don't care?)
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    flowersofnight wrote:

    I wonder if she ever made a 二号, or where young Gabi is now...
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    sanctum wrote:
    I bet she owns that print shop in Nagoya now and she can take as many days off as she wants and print all her broadsides on Mohawk Superfine.
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    I am utterly shocked that no one else translated this yet.
    They do draw pretty well though.

    At any rate, if there's one thing to be learned from this, it is that you really should watch Yuuyuu hakusho if you haven't already.
    If not to understand the baibee fad, then for the iconic yankee and ambiguously gay SM Yoshiki.
    Also, Dada said at one point that he reminds people of Toguro Aniki, and I don't think I can contradict that.
    I can just add that he's more like a fusion dance result between said Toguro Aniki and Dr Go from kurochan.
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    Not much different than the fangirls online these days.

    Apparently more than 2000 years ago men in Rome used to complain about how women lose their heads over singers and poets. Not sure if cosplay was invented back then yet.