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    A copy of the forum rules has been posted here for easier reference. In case of any discrepancies, the official version is always:

    **Do not post in this thread unless you are a moderator. If you want to discuss something pertaining to the rules do so in the Feedback forum.**

    + Respect: + All members must be treated with respect and courtesy. If you have a personal problem with a particular member, contact a moderator and talk to them about it. No direct insults or flames will be tolerated.

    + Rumors: + Do not post rumors. If you cannot back up your information with an official source, do not post about it at all. You may ask questions about something you have heard, but do not present information as fact unless you are prepared to cite authoritative sources.

    + Decency: + Be mindful of common decency when posting. This is an all-ages board. Crude sexual comments about artists are specifically frowned upon. Questionable content should only be brought up when it serves some serious academic or artistic purpose.

    + Controversial topics: + Please no political or religious discussions. There are many places to discuss this stuff. These types of discussions tend to get too personal and bring the mood of the forum down.

    + Chatter: + Long off-topic discussions should not devolve into extended personal "chatter" between two posters. Take it to IM or email.

    + Gravedigging: + Do not post to a thread that is more than a month old, unless you have a very good reason.

    + Lock-mongering: + Do not try to "predict" if a thread will be locked. If you feel a topic should be locked, PM a moderator about it.

    + Accounts: + Do not register multiple accounts. If you wish to change the name of your account, contact an administrator; the change will be allowed or disallowed at their discretion. To preserve a coherent record of past threads, unused accounts will never be deleted except under extraordinary circumstances.

    + Avatars: + Avatars must be no larger than 150x150 pixels and 50,000 bytes (50kb). Please upload the avatar to your own webspace and do not direct link pictures from someone elses website (especially -scape-). If you are unsure how to make or host an avatar, contact a moderator for help.

    + Signatures: + Pictures are not allowed in signatures for readability reasons. Please keep your signature a reasonable length. Large fonts or blocks of text are unnecessary.

    + Double posts: + Do not make multiple posts in a row. Use the quote button and edit button to include everything you want to say in one post.

    + Downloads: + Do not post information on downloading material that is currently in print and for sale. This includes websites, FTP sites, torrents, file sharing, instant messaging contacts, etc.
    Permissible material includes out-of-print items, TV appearances, etc, but only if they are hosted on non-torrent sites. YouTube and similar sites are not allowed. Downloadable material should be placed in the downloads forum; more detailed rules are posted there.

    + Scans: + Scans of releases items (CD covers), lyric booklets and magazines are permitted. Scans of photobooks are allowed once the photobook has been released for a reasonable amount of time, but only a small portion of the photobook should be posted. High-quality scans of entire photobooks are not permitted.

    + Pictures: + Do not post images that are larger than 700 pixels wide to prevent the layout from being stretched out. If you have some problem with resizing an image either simply post a link to it or PM a moderator for help.

    + Search function: + Before asking a question, please use the search feature [here] to see if the question you have has previously been asked and answered.

    + Mon+Amour: + With the opening of Mon+Amour International, all Mon+Amour content from September 2004 onwards is not permitted on –scape-. Pictures and heavy quoting of text from the Madoushos or the Mon+Amour website are not allowed. General discussion is permitted. If in doubt of whether to post something or not ask one of the moderators first.

    + Special Features: + The following special features are available:
    - Access to the downloads section once you reach 50 posts
    - Your choice of several pre-made custom crosses once you reach 500 posts
    These features may be activated by requesting them in the feedback forum.

    ++Anyone who does not follow these rules will be warned. Multiple warnings will result in a ban.++
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