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    Here's the setlists of the Nippon Budokan and Yokohama Arena stops of the merveilles tour. These setlists are taken from the sans retour photobook released in 1999.
    I think since the setlist from Yokohama matched the setlist of merveilles l'espace more closely, that is most likely the location that was filmed. But, since it seems like it may have been filmed over a couple of days/shows (some costume changes) it could have had a mix of clips from a couple stops (if anyone knows for sure, pls say so). Anyways, sorry it took so long, but here's the setlists :)

    April 1, 1998 Nippon Budokan
    1. Syunikiss
    2. Gekka no yasoukyoku
    3. Bel Air
    4. Tsuioku no kakera
    5. Shi no butou
    6. Aegen
    7. Hamon/Kyousoukyoku [gackt + kami]
    8. Je te veux
    9. Madrigal
    10. Brise
    11. ma cherie
    12. au revoir
    13. <<8>> [yu~ki solo]
    14. Mezame no rasen [mana + közi]
    16. N.p.s N.g.s
    17. S-conscious
    [encore] Le ciel

    July 22, 1998 Yokohama Arena
    SE(?) Bois de merveilles (instrumental)
    1. S-conscious
    3. N.p.s N.g.s
    4. Mezame no rasen [mana + közi]
    5. Hamon/Kyousoukyoku [gackt + kami]
    SE ~de merveilles~
    6. Syunikiss
    7. Gekka no yasoukyoku
    8. Bel air
    9. Shi no butou
    10. Aegen
    11. <<8>> [yu~ki solo]
    SE Gekka no yasoukyoku (de l'image ??)
    12. Je te veux
    13. Madrigal
    14. Brise
    15. au revoir
    16. ma cherie
    [encore] Le ciel

    If anyone has anything to say or add, please do :P and pages of this photobook are definitely scanned somewhere, but ive never seen the interviews in the last few pages scanned or translated :o
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    I wish they would've swapped out Mezame no Rasen and Yuki's solo for other songs in Merveilles L'espace. I rewatched Merveilles L'espace about a week ago and I forgot how pointless and terrible they were, and Yuki's solo was just.. where lol? It's all a distorted mess. And they seemed to go on forever too, which kinda dampens my overall enjoyment of Merveilles L'espace. :|

    The skit portions in Bara ni Irodorareta Akui to Higeki no Makuake were more tolerable; at least they seemed more cohesive to the performance and the overall arc of the show. Thanks again for posting this!!
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    I always assumed the video release jumbled the setlist around for whatever reason. Like, how they start in latex, go baroque and then back to latex again.

    Also, lady_toast, you're getting pretty close to blasphemy right there. We are old fashioned folks around here. We don't take kindly to non-believers around these parts. Praise the lord Mana ::mana::
    All joking aside, I'm sure Yu~ki's solo was a pretty neat thing during the concert itself. Why did they add all the noise and reverb and crap to it? At least I assume those weren't there at the live concert?

    I wonder, did they cut anything out of those live releases? Like, other theatrics, speeches and such. I've seen all of the MM live videos so many times that I've never really thought about it before, but I suppose they did cut out stuff. Like during all the costume changes, did they show videos to the audience, play instrumentals etc.
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    Hampo wrote:
    Not sure about these shows specifically, but I always heard that they used to put songs by the artists they liked (Mylène Farmer/Madredeus are some that can be heard on earlier video releases like the Tetsu era VHS tapes) during the times they weren't onstage. Those 1992-1994 videos are the only ones I'm completely sure of, but I'm willing to bet that they kept doing this in lives afterwards.
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    At Deep Sanctuary they used music from Dario Argento's Suspiria OST before the live.

    Oh! And in Schwarz Stein shows in which I was, they used music from Sopor Aeternus, specifically songs from Les Fleurs du Mal album.
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    I always knew (in my heart) that someone in VK scene would enjoy Sopor Aeternus ❤
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    voixdinferno wrote:
    They're called GOBLIN, my good sir, and they are FANTASTIC.
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    Man. I wonder who decided on those songs. Mana apparently digs Suspiria, so it was probably his idea to play Goblin. They also played Miranda Sex Garden during some concerts who titled one of their albums after Suspiria.
    I'm in the understanding that Közi was more into the gothic music scene, at least at first, while Mana was into glam metal? Like, Közi did cover Christian Death for example. That makes me wonder if some of those music choices came from him instead of Mana. I suppose there could be an answer in one of their fanzines maybe.

    For some reason I doubt playing Sopor Aeternus was Kaya's decision, though, who knows.
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    I don't know I mean...I can see Kaya as a Sopor fan. A lot of their early material was pretty dark and kind of fit the theme of Sopor's lyrics.
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    I wanna ask something: in Hamon / kyousoukyoku (Gackt and Kami's duet) is there any other "classical" influence aside from Debussy's Prelude? Or is every other piano section in this performance just Gackt's creation?