What/how many languages do you speak?

Discussion in '-polls-' started by faith, Dec 6, 2012.


How many languages do you speak?

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  1. PureElegance -eternite- eternite

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    Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:42 pm

    voixdinferno wrote:
    as a Latina woman: go away.

    Anyways, Faith, I thought we did have languages in schools, aren't Spanish and French a normal (even though the classes normally aren't good) part of the curriculum? Spanish (or French in some cases, I didn't want to learn French) has been forced upon us since we were tiny. I think people should try to be bilingual in any case.

    And if you check out the latest census, people still overwhelmingly speak English here, it's not as if we were suddenly overtaken by only Spanish speakers or "full" of them in any way.
    http://www.census.gov/hhes/socdemo/lang ... ACS-12.pdf

    English is de facto the official language of the US (and is official in a little over half the states), I would expect someone to learn it, just as my parents did when they came from Peru.
  2. flowersofnight -moderator- -moderator-

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    Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 12:06 am

    PureElegance wrote:
    Most schools can barely manage to teach the kids English these days ::ash:: If you had foreign language classes, that's a mark of privilege.
  3. Iskanderia -member- -member-

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    Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:44 am

    Like PE said, the US isn't exactly "full" of people who speak Spanish. It depends on where you live. In CA or FL or the Southwest, learning Spanish might be practical, but here in New England, I would have no opportunity to use it.

    It would be nice if Americans spoke more than one language like the rest of the world, but the fact is, we don't have to because English has become the international language.
  4. lady_toast -moo- -moo-

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    Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:22 pm

    I was raised to learn English and Tagalog, so I guess that makes me fully bilingual?

    I guess I can carry a decent conversation in Spanish as well (or I'd like to think that I could), I've been trying really hard to improve my Spanish :)

    I can do really basic French, like really basic. I took classes three years ago so I can barely remember any of it lol. I guess that's it for my language capabilities hahaha. French in Canada is really weird methinks, I mean there is Quebecois French but there is also Acadian French. My stepfather is a francophone from New Brunswick and he says that one conversation he had with a French woman did not go so well because they didn't really understand each other lol. I think he mentioned that he doesn't really understand Quebec French either? Then again he HATES Quebec hahaha.

    voixdinferno wrote:
  5. Mademoiselle Folie -member- -member-

    Mademoiselle Folie
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    Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:37 pm

    well, I speak Spanish since I'm Mexican and I have an acceptable fluent english too and know a bit of jamanese basic gramma.
  6. akiramariage -member- -member-

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    Posted: Sat May 25, 2013 4:37 pm

    English and Spanish